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Three of the best ... the latest from Washington Green


A little introducion to three of Washington Green's finest artists:


Bill Bate

"I work from dark to light, laying on dark brown or blue washes as a ground, and build up from there whilst still wet. I will work on a canvas for a few hours before leaving it to dry. I work on 2 or 3 canvases in this way returning to them with fresh eyes. I aim to achieve ‘tight’ realism in parts of a painting whilst in other areas leaving it loose and less defined. This is to escape the confines that realism can impose and to be more expressive. The underwater series give me a freedom from gravity that enables a freedom of the body."


Sarah Graham

"I am entirely motivated by colour, and as a realist painter, along with being a big kid at heart, this inevitably lead to the subject matter of toys and sweets. It allows me to explore extremely vivid colour, and at the same time manipulate the structure and form of an image. Having trawled sweetshops, markets, eBay, and my mum's attic, to find my subject."



Ken Orton

"In painting glass one is attempting to render a surface that is composed entirely of either refracted of reflected light. The objects are rarely painted as an independent object. The raised lettering on the jars and bottles I paint have, by their prismatic nature, an ability to capture tone and colour from one side of the composition and pull it to the other. The rhythmic nature of this lettering provides a stave onto which the decaying patterns of colour, the tonal crescendos and the reflected counter melodies are written."



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