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'We Can All Be Heroes' by Craig Davison. The debut collection is here ...

We are privileged to let you know of a brand new collection of art by artist Craig Davison.

In this charming body of work, entitled “We Can Be Heroes”, Davison captures the essence of youth, what it means to be a child swept away on a wave of imagination.

This début body of work is inspired by childhood adventures of caped crusaders, dynamic duos and heroes on horseback.

These pieces spark a fond memory in us all, of a simpler time, when saving the day or even the world, could all be done before tea-time. Davison uses shadows in the background of his pieces to portray the hero in the fantasy world created by the child in question, from Batman to Charlie’s Angels and the Magnificent Seven; there is something for everyone in this unique collection. Be one of the first people to see this exciting new body of work and visit the gallery on


Be one of the first to see this exciting new body of work, simple follow the link below or come to the Gallery.


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