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Planet Guernsey by Chris George
Check out these new vibrant and fresh images with unbelievable definition and stunning colour quality. All are available exclusively from Quay Gallery ...


Renowned local photographer, Chris George, has been passionate about photography since he was 12, and those who follow his work describe him as an artist with a camera. He trusts his instincts and thrives under pressure, and the results speak for themselves. Chris’s unique ability to capture an image, and draw an audience in, makes his work stand out and he is at his happiest when looking at the world through a lens.

With the introduction of Planet Guernsey, Chris has brought his passion, enthusiasm and sheer excitement for a subject which has become his life and used the latest photographic techniques to produce these unique images of Guernsey with a 360 degree aspect.

The first edition set of Chris George’s Planet Guernsey comprises:

Victor Hugo statue, Candie Gardens, St Peter Port
Bluebell Wood, St Peter Port
St Peter’s Church
Christmas lights in St Peter Port (where Smith Street meets the Pollet meets the High Street)
St James, St Peter Port
Victoria Tower, St Peter Port

All the images are 36 inches square, but other sizes are available on request. Planet Guernsey images are printed on 360g/m” Premium Artist Canvas. This is a premium quality, heavyweight, cotton-based traditional artist canvas with a textured surface for fine art reproduction. This canvas has an especially durable coating, is resistant to cracking and also water-resistant. The boxed canvases are hand stretched at Quay Gallery and are ready to hang (no framing required).

To see the Images at a larger size, please follow the gallery link below.


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