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Jane Ray - illustrator. The Zodiac signs collection ...


Jane Ray is primarily an illustrator and has illustrated numerous award winning books including those by authors such as Jeanette Winterson, Carol Ann Duffy, Michael Rosen and Oscar Wilde. Her work reflects a variety of cultural origins which she weaves in with her distinctive hallmarks of stars set in a blue firmament, decorative birds and glorious patterning. Jane works mainly in watercolour with pencils, collage and coloured and metallic inks, blending decorative styles to create magical and exotic dreamlike pictures. ‘I am drawn to the fairy tale because of its humanity and its universality’, she says.

Jane was born and lives in London, with her family. She works in a studio in her garden where she pins postcards and cuttings to the wall besides her work-table to provide inspiration and ‘help her to focus'. Influenced by Paul Klee and Marc Chagall, Jane spends a lot of time at The British Museum looking at folk art from various countries from around the world.

Her work frequently takes her into schools where she finds the thoughts and responses invaluable and stimulating. She is involved with ‘In the Picture’, a lottery funded project run by Scope and a charity called ‘The Art Room’, which gives children with challenging behaviour, the chance to be involved in art activities to build their concentration and self esteem.

This collection of Zodiac signs, commissioned by Aquarelle, glow with a magnificent vibrancy and otherworldliness.


What the critics say ..

one of the most luminous illustrators at work today - The Economist

an exuberant patterning and celebration of colour - Times Educational Supplement


You can see the artist's work now at the Quay Gallery or take a quick look at the following link.

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