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From the Collier and Dobson stable. We give you Louise Mizen, Sarah Blakey and Kate Wyatt ...


A little introducion to the work of three artists from C&D:


Louise Mizen
Louise Mizen’s paintings are an exploration into the dynamics of colour, light and movement. Renowned for her equestrian and animal portraiture, as well as her dancers, she continues to make an impression with her distinctive style and creative approach. Uninhibited, Louise works expressively, often splashing or pouring paint to give a feeling of unity to the composition or to suggest direction. Louise regularly trains her horses and studies them minutely, enabling her to fully capture their movement and essence in her paintings.

She has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally, producing commissioned work for many prominent clients. Louise continues to establish herself as a prominent player in the field of equestrian art with a painting style that is both inclusive and appealing.


Sarah Blakey
Sarah Blakey’s paintings conjure up the vital atmosphere of river and seascapes, boats and fishermen. Her paintings capture the vitality of working life on the water, through her dynamic use of shape and movement, reminiscent of the style of Auguste Macke and Paul Nash.

Sarah has a keen sense of design and composition, stripping away unnecessary detail and allowing shapes to emerge through layers of colour; the curve of a sea wall becoming the hull of a boat, the foot of a cliff taking the shape of a trawlerman's back. There is calmness in the careful structure of the compositions, which counterpoints the radiance of her velvet layers of colour and the movement in the curving shapes. Sarah’s paintings have been exhibited in the UK and are also held in private collections.


Kate Wyatt
Kate Wyatt has become renowned for her wildlife paintings which capture the real essence of some of Britain’s most popular mammals. She works primarily in watercolour, layering marks with acrylic ink and pen to bring a structured chaos to her distinctive and inspired wildlife portraits. Her sketches, as well as her finished paintings, combine a skilful mix of precision mark-making with a sprightly looseness, drawing influence from the likes of Gerald Scarfe and Arthur Rackham.

Kate has exhibited widely in London, and has work displayed in prestigious galleries in Bristol and across the West Country. Her paintings are held in private collections in the UK as well as the United States, Canada and Australia. Kate has established herself as a gifted wildlife artist and continues to delight with her unique interpretations of nature.


You can see the artist's work now at the Quay Gallery or take a quick look at the 'More Artists' section which can be accessed by the following link.

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