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This Spring sees the release of an exciting new collection from talented artist Keith Proctor. ...


This self confessed paint-o-holic, who when not painting is thinking about painting produces hugely popular pieces which take you back to the happy carefree days of childhood.  "I have a restless energy and am constantly on the go. Painting, drawing or studying for my future paintings usually occupies my time."

It’s not so much subject matter, but “actually painting” that inspires me; to be recognized as someone who can paint well is the most important thing to me." "I find inspiration for my work all around me all the time, “like most artists” I am constantly observing shape, light and colour. It is the colours in reflected light, and the study of the effects that colours have on each other that interests me most."

To take a more detailed look at the work of Keith Proctor, simply follow this link directly to his gallery page.


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