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New releases arrive from De Montfort's Artists: Somerville, Holmes, Kemp and Shulman ....


George Somerville

George Somervilles's nostalgic subject matter grew out of a desire to paint the memories of his Glaswegian childhood in the industrial fifties. He wanted to recreate the places and people where he had grown up; the foundries, factories and steel works which have now disappeared from the urban landscape. As his work progressed however, he found that the characters were taking over, and that the industrial background became less important. In his latest collection, any industrial reference is minimal and the personalities take centre stage. George describes his style as spontaneous. Once he has a subject in mind he tends to paint in a frenzy of activity in a bold linear style. He cites a range of influences on this distinctive approach, not the least of which is the classic comics and graphic novels which were his favoured reading material as a child.


Andrew Holmes

The work of Andrew Holmes can best be described as Modern British Realism. His breathtaking Venetian scenes and distinctive still lives invite us to take a second look at some of the familiar elements of modern life and explore them from a new perspective. His still lives spurn the conventional glassware and bowls of fruit in favour of items found on the 21st century kitchen table.

Andrew was always been interested in the idea of exploring his potential as a fine artist, and when he saw the response to his work he decided to explore this side of his talent more fully. Andrew has been profoundly influenced by the Barbizon School, a 
group of painters in 19th century France who in their turn came 
under the influence of John Constable. In the face of Constable's
 realistic scenes, these artists abandoned formalism and moved
 towards painting directly from nature, rather than using reality as a
 mere backdrop to more dramatic scenes.


Andrew now lives in West London. He has undertaken an impressive 
array of high profile commissions for corporations and private
 individuals all over the world. His work has appeared on television
 and in a broad range of media. Following on from his considerable 
international success his high-impact original paintings have been 
launched onto the UK art scene to great acclaim.


Will Kemp

Will is one of the most exciting new talents working in the genre of landscape art. His instinctive and spontaneous approach to landscape painting is underpinned by classical 17th Century techniques. His vibrant landscapes have great immediacy and appeal but maintain their strong connection with the contemporary world. This duality is achieved via a surprisingly minimalist technique, as Will strives to encapsulate the form, colour and tone of a subject in a single brush stroke. This leads to an economy of line and form which lends each composition a deceptive air of simplicity.

Will exhibits locally and nationally, including at such prestigious venues as the Mall Galleries in London and at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition. He has won an impressive array of awards including the Sentinal the Nadfas and the Webberly's painting prizes. Will notes; "I love the feeling of excitement as I see what were just colours on a palette transform into a face or a landscape that transports you to another place. It never fails to amaze me."


Igor Shulman
Outstanding Russian painter Igor Shulman is one of Eastern Europe's most highly-acclaimed figurative artists. His breathtaking images demonstrate the fascination he has always felt for the female form and he paints women with a sympathy and understanding that few contemporary artists can hope to rival.

Igor trained at the prestigious Vnetsianov Art College where he was encouraged to appreciate the whole pantheon of artists who had gone before him. His work betrays the influences of Degas and Modigliani, two artists for whom he expresses a profound admiration. His key source of inspiration is however the women in his life; his muses are many - friends family, lovers, or models - any woman who demonstrates the quality of grace may be a subject for him.

Technically skilled and highly trained, Igor creates his magnificent oil paintings in a manner which combines classical method with contemporary interpretation. He has earned a formidable reputation and his work has been shown in over 30 major exhibitions across Europe. 


You can see the artist's work now at the Quay Gallery or take a quick look at the 'More Artists' section which can be accessed by the following link.

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