LAWRENCE COULSON Quay Gallery Guernsey

Lawrence has been immersed in the art world for his entire life, as his father is Gerald Coulson, one of the UK’s foremost landscape and aviation artists. But despite this pedigree, it was not until he was 21 and working in retail that he began to paint in oils and embark on a new career as a professional landscape painter.
From humble beginnings selling canvases for £30 a pop in the local pub, Lawrence was ‘discovered’ by Paul Green from the Halcyon Gallery. After several successful shows at the Washington Green space, he embarked on a publishing programme and his career has gone from strength to strength.
His paintings are rooted firmly in the English landscape tradition and depict dramatic scenes of the wide-open skies on the Norfolk coast and Cambridgeshire Fens. The artistic legacy of his father combined with Lawrence’s passion for the works of other great artists such as Monet, Corot, Sisley and Seago have combined to create an artistic temperament and style that is impressionistic and deeply evocative.
“It is my portrayal of space that seems to be behind the success of my work - people write themselves into the painting and identify with the solitary figure on the beach.”