John Waterhouse Quay Gallery Guernsey

From an early age John had always been interested in art, gaining inspiration and encouragement from his parents, especially his mother, who drew and painted a little herself. Growing up in a rural Staffordshire village helped him to understand the beauty of the countryside and being close to it remains of great importance to him in his life as an artist.
John’s journey to becoming a professional has been organic and measured: upon leaving school, he worked as a storekeeper in a local warehouse, painting as a hobby in his spare time. To develop his artistic skills further, he took a part-time position which he was able to give up in 2000 when he taught painting two days a week to young offenders in a local youth prison – a job that he found incredibly rewarding. But as the demand for his work increased, he lessened his teaching commitment and found the confidence and financial rewards to turn to painting full-time.
John started showing his works in one of Washington Green’s Partnership Galleries and this gave him a steady flow of commissions and an increased following. It also introduced him to Glyn Washington of Washington Green who has since published his work.
“With landscapes I feel it is not so much an idea, but an ability to balance and compose what is already there. I find the English countryside very romantic. Fields and trees to me have their own character and history, just as a person does.”