Doug Hyde Quay Gallery Guernsey

Born in Bristol in 1972, Doug became aware of his artistic talent at an early age. Throughout his school and college education he concentrated on the technical side of drawing and painting, but after graduation he was in no doubt as to his chosen path - that of a professional artist.
Doug prefers to produce his distinctive artwork on a large scale to achieve maximum impact. He also enjoys working in plenty of space with the physical freedom to express the creative energy that is key to his style. His unorthodox use of pastels - applied with fingers and thumbs - allows him to create highly communicative and engaging images that make an immediate and lasting impression.
Recently named the UK’s official best selling artist, Doug has been featured on the BBC and Channel 4 news as well as on regional TV and radio, talking about the people and events that inspire his heart-warming images. Inspired by his own emotional responses to life, Doug’s intention is to provoke a positive response in others and his success in this aim can be seen in the huge impact his work has made on the British and international art scene and also in the money the sale of his work has raised for two important charities: “Look Good … Feel Better” and “Families for Children”.
Doug’s meteoric rise from virtual unknown to the most popular living artist in the UK has been well documented and his pastels have become genuine collectors’ items. He won the title of ‘ Best Selling Published Artist 2005’ in the Fine Art Trade Guild Awards and was voted “The most popular living UK artist 2008”on the BBC’s national News.
“Inspiration for my painting can strike at any time, whether through my own emotional response to something, or through observing somebody else's obvious love for another person or animal.”